The Fall Season & What To Do?

What are your thoughts on the Fall Season? & What do you get up to for fun?

Typically Fall starts around the 21st of September, however, Generally, you get your first hint of it a couple weeks before that.

Life with a newborn gets pretty busy for sure, but the Fall might be one of the easier seasons to deal with, there are a tone of activities to do to keep you and your newborn busy and active.

I always knew Fall had started as soon as children went back to school, Early September, as the city streets become much quieter, the air temperatures drop a few degrees, & the first hint of orange, yellow, & red colours start to sparsely spread throughout the tree tops.

Then the first true sign That Fall has hit is in full swing. Thanksgiving! A time when families usually come together and show gratitude and be thankful for one another, and everything we have.

Typically and traditionally, feasts of the harvest are served and shared between family and friends. Roast turkey is typically the main of choice. This year I cooked my very first turkey lol.

The Fall season can be a great time of year for many reasons, especially for travel in Ontario.

Ontario weather in the fall is about as close to as perfect as you can get, (for me anyways), I think my Partner and my father would heavily disagree with me lol. They both love the sweltering heat of summer.

No blistering summer heat, it’s true, however it’s still warm and with enough sunshine to get outdoors and have fun.

There are no frigid temperatures but still cool enough to enjoy bundling in blankets and sweaters, as you sit around a nice fall fire, while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, beer, or glass of wine.

Guess what? no more bugs. Deer flies, horse flies, black flies, mosquitos or those lazy drunk fall wasps, yup, gone again until next buggy season.

It’s a great time of year to bundle up and take to the local trails, apple orchards, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches, without being eaten alive.

Or take advantage of fewer crowds, and better seasonal prices, by taking a local trip to cottage country. However if your planning on doing a tour after thanksgiving?, then best to call ahead and do a little planning as many attractions and resorts do close for the season. However with many places still open year round it’s well worth gathering up the family and take a couple short vacations during this time of year.

Being on Parental leave this year, we booked our first trip to Muskoka with Caspian, which we unfortunately had to cancel but will be rebooking again shortly. We booked at the Muskoka Lakes Hotel and suites anyone ever gone?

We were looking forward to taking advantage of the “no crowd” time of year, pretty important to me, especially with a newborn. We don’t have a lot of time between feedings or diaper changes. So being able to get in immediately to a restaurant or Spa while on vacation, is crucial, and this time of year is perfect.

Now, start thinking, “Halloween”. Our first Halloween with our new boy this year. It’s been a few years now since my older boys were dressing up, and I was taking them out trick or treating, or staying home and handing out candy to all the little ones of the neighborhood, but this year it’s starts again with simply walking around the local streets looking at all the great houses being decorated. Then back home to hand out candy and see all the great costumes lol.

Our son is only 8 weeks old, so he is not going to collect any candy of course, but it was nice having so many people stop by with their kids, & meeting some of the moms, dads & Neighbors, of the neighborhood since we are new to the area. And I can tell Caspian is super excited, look, he’s really getting into the “spirit” of it and playing is roll of a dead skeleton so well. lol.

Another activity available around this time of year, new, & local to Kingston, is the pumpkinferno at Fort Henry

I went a few years ago when it was at Upper Canada Village with my older boys and we enjoyed it. I think our pumpkin carving skills are good enough to enter competitions! Ok fine, maybe not! Can you guess which one I did?

So even though the boat gets put away, and Summer comes to an end, the Fall can be such a great time of year or at least I think so.

Let me know, in the comments below, why fall is a great time of year for you and your family?


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