Our First family Vacation Part 2 of 4

Onto Niagara.

We only booked a stay for 2 nights in Niagara Falls. Long enough to see the lights at the Falls and take in a few attractions.

Taken from the back terrace at the Fallsview Casino

Ok before we get to Niagara Falls let me tell you about travelling with a newborn child lol! Erin and I set out of our home near Kingston Ontario at 12:09pm on a 359km journey to Niagara Falls. This drive, (as per Google Maps), says it should take approximately 3:45/hrs to get to our destination. Makes sense right?

Nope, wrong. it should, (in the options portion of Google Maps) have a section for asking questions before determining your ETA.

Questions such as! Are you travelling with an 8week old child that feeds every 1, 2 or 3 hours as if every meal will be his last? If so please check this box!


Do you need to stop to put gas in your car?

Will your partner need to stop to pee?

Will you need to stop for a meal on this journey?

Will you be stopping for a 2nd meal on this 345km journey?

If you checked off all boxes, (like we would hae), then I believe Google should state the following

All boxes have been checked, “please note that your travel time to your destination, will not be 3:45hrs. Instead expect a 7:55hrs, drive. (that’s 4:10/hrs longer than the quickest time to this destination) and if you want to get to Niagara Falls while there are things to do! Then get your butts moving a little earlier in the mornings”. Lol.

View of Falls at night from our room at the 4 Points Sheridan Hotel.

As the early mornings and the evenings are getting cool this time of year (-3 degrees )we tried to stick to a few indoor things that we thought might not be too crowded and we could easily bring Caspian as well.

As it turns out, Crowded was not a problem if you travel to Niagara Falls in November in the middle of the week.

Inside the Fallsview Casino mall mid day.

First up was a walk around the Fallsview Casino, as we took our time getting to Niagara Falls, (as stated above) so almost everything was closed once we had checked into our hotel. The casino was directly across the street from us and they had a decent shopping mall attached to it that we could walk around and window shop. There was a coffee shop that was open called “The Famous” which we thought was a blessing, we could really use a nice hot coffee.

Because it was late, we both decided to order 2 decaf coffee’s with a shot of vanilla. First of all, the service was absolutely terrible.

The guy that served us, definitely did not seem like he liked his job, to be fair he was a middle aged guy, like myself, working in a cafe, and on the night shift to boot. I’m not sure Id be ecstatic about being there either. It took him forever to even acknowledge we were in the cafe, a cook in the kitchen had to gain the mans attention for us, who was sitting in a corner of the restaurant out of view of the front door lol. When he did serve us he took Erin’s order and walked away from us before I could ask for my order, and all we wanted were 2 coffees, so I just yelled to him what I wanted as he walked away lol. Then when we got our coffees, they were the worst tasting coffees I’ve ever had. Cost $7 for 2 medium crap coffees. Neither of us could stomach it.

Erin in front of the worst coffee place I’ve ever been to that I can remember, we both vowed, never to return, about an hour later, Erin was thirsty for a coke and reluctantly broke her vow, and returned. She says the vow starts again, now. lol

luckily We found a better option 5 minutes later 1 floor below us, lol

That experience of the terrible coffee and service we received from the first coffee shop was so bad I decided to put buying coffees into one of my blogs ha ha ha.

Ok this first day of our trip and night in Niagara, was over with an 8 hour drive to take a walk in an empty casino have a crappy coffee and end up at a Tim Hortons, ha ha ha ha, and now it was time for bed.

Tomorrow’s a new day & we have some fun ideas with newborns in Niagara (I think).

To be continued tomorrow @ 0800hrs in Part 3 of 4


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