Our Frist Family vacation Part 3 of 4

On Day 2 of our trip Erin and I had lots of ideas on our minds of what we’d like to get done. 1st up? Breakfast. We decided to get an early start I myself was up at 6 and started writing this blog post, (as I usually do most of my writing at this time, before I get out of bed for the day)

I decided to let Caspian and momma bear sleep a little longer while I went to pick up a light breakfast and bring back to the room.

Breakfast in our room, with view of the falls at sunrise

Have I mentioned how hard it is to actually get to the point of leaving for the day? Lol

first, Caspian has to be changed. Then fed, I myself have to have a shower, clean up and get ready for the day. Seems simple enough!

Then, Erin must do the same. While Erin showers I play with Caspian and keep him entertained by signing, or making sounds & faces to him.

Then As Erin gets dressed I’ll put a diaper bag together and clean the room. The process from the start, to this point now, has taken about an hour. Ok not too bad yet.

Now because I am the one that has packed the diaper bag. Erin must stop and ask If I remembered to pack? Then proceed to name off every item I’ve actually put in said bag! This is the same bag I have ready at all times with just a few minor adjustments here and there. It literally has the same items in it all the time.

(See my blog on the Art of Diaper bagging to see what I mean)


Once established that the bag has been assembled to “mom standard” and I am about to strap Caspian into the stroller. A big gurgle of the baby’s stomach and a sound only babies can make from the lower region of his anatomy, yup it’s a (CODE BROWN),

time to undo the diaper bag and give him a change.

Ok now that that is done, you think it’s time to go right? Nope wrong again. It’s been an hour and a half and mom says, she thinks she should give him a feed before you leave.

A feeling of complete and utter frustration overcomes you. You start thinking about the light breakfast you picked up and re-think that strategy for the next time. (Should have ordered a 4 course meal to the room, thinking your going to starve before you get a chance to leave) but you know baby needs to have some food so you bear and grin it.

Feeding the baby is a 45 minute ordeal. So you re-pack the diaper bag, & stow it back in the stroller and lay down for a minute.

After feeding is completed momma passes you baby for a burping while she goes to change out her shirt because of the breast milk that just leaked all over it.

Ok now it’s time to go right? Well since the baby just had a feed, his diaper probably needs one more change. No problem. Get the bag out change the diaper, repack the bag for the 3rd time , strap baby into the stroller, then change dads shirt from getting thrown up on from burping and head out the door. Only took 2.5 hours to get ready this time. “Success “

We were going to walk to the falls but after 2.5 hours just to get out the door, better think about getting some lunch first lol.

Ok after breakfast it was off to finally walk along the falls.

Of course with Christmas just around the corner, we had to take a quick stop in a Christmas store we saw to get Caspian one of his first ever Christmas tree decoration. This one is a great reminder of where he was @ just 8 weeks after entering into this world.

Next up……

The Butterfly conservatory.

A nice warm building along the Niagara Parkway, with so much visual stimulation for our little man.

It was nice to see him awake for at least some of the outing, as Caspian has a horrible habit of sleeping throughout all the adventures mom and dad take him on. I’m gonna do a blog of all the places Caspian has slept lol.

If you have a newborn. I suggest going for an hour before it closes @ (5pm) plenty of time to walk around the building and take some great photos. If you go in November during the weekdays like we did, there are no line ups to contend with and you can walk through the building in 20 minutes or so, at a slow pace but it’s nice to take your time, do a couple of circles through because there are always things you miss on your first walk through.

The cost of the conservatory is around $20 per person, and I thought it was a great time with the family, especially with a newborn.

Afterwards, try to time it that you can head straight to dinner, you might just get enough time to have a nice peaceful dinner with your partner. A rare treat at this stage of the game for us.

Well we did head back to the hotel first for a? You guessed it! A change and a feed for our little guy.

Then out for a nice steak dinner. We are on a vacation after all lol. We headed across the street to a Keg Steakhouse and had a much needed quiet dinner, with just the 2 of us. Well 3 of us but Caspian slept the entire time and let mom and dad have a bit of a catch up over some wine, Steak, and of course some of one of my favourite deserts,

(Billy Minor Pie)


Well time flies with a newborn. The day comes to an end and we have a long exciting day ahead of us tomorrow, Caspian gets to meet his grandparents, Auntie Alex Uncle John, and his cousins, Xavier and Zoe. All on Dads side of the family.

Tomorrow In Part 4 of 4 of our families vacation


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