Our Family Vacation Part 4 of 4

When Niagara was done, we also a great time on our way home. We took a pit stop in the big Smoke. (Toronto)

Most of my family and friends live in the Toronto area, and they had yet to meet our little Nugget. So it was time to stop and make time to meet Caspian’s (dads) side of the family before Caspian is no longer an infant.

Grandma Mathias

I have a relatively small family on my side, so first stop was, my folks. Mom has been a bit anxious or nervous to meet our little man, but it was a welcomed visit and many smiles were shared. I think Caspian really took to my dad too. Lol

Grandpa Mathias

Then, Off to my Sisters place to meet Caspians Auntie Alex and Uncle John and also his cousins, Xavier, and Zoe. Caspian really took to his cousins can’t wait to see them all again hopefully around Christmas next month.

Auntie Alex and Nora (AKA, old snaggle tooth)

I’ve never heard Caspian babble and make cooing noise so much, as when cousins, Zoe, & Xavier were talking with him. Check out the video

After that it was a quick 3 hour drive home and our first Family Vacation, came to an end.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our mini vacation? If so please leave a comment below,

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