Our Baby Sleeps Through Everything “The First 8 Week Sleep-fest”

When you become a new parent let’s face it, you are aware that babies sleep and it’s no secret. As new parents you think that when your new bundle has made their debut your expectations are your new bundle will be wide awake, want to play with you, and want to go on all the adventures their parents have been dreaming of taking you on since they found out you were on your way lol.

So of course once your little one does arrive, mom and dad start taking junior on all the fun things they have been waiting to show their new little family member. What mom and dad kind of forget? Is that junior has no idea what the world looks like or has to offer and quite frankly, doesn’t much care either.

All the outings you go on prior to your baby being able to see past their own nose (6 months) ish, is going to be for the parents not the baby, no matter how much you want your child to enjoy these wonderful things your trying to show them.

Here are some of the outings our son has pretty much slept through since he was born. Lol

I mean he is awake for some of it but I can assure you that as soon as we put our little guy in his stroller, it’s as if we just turned off the lights and he’s out.

Caspian sleeps when meeting Mom and Dad for the first time
Caspian sleeping while meeting his Nona & Grumpy
And Caspian pretty much sleeping at any point in time when meeting some of the other family members too.
Of course Caspian found that the rows of trees while Apple picking was a bit hypnotic and decided it was a good place to nod off.
Out for a nice dinner, and our little man simply couldn’t resist dozing off
No better time for a catnaps , while visiting dad at work
And, what great times to rest up, every day mom and dad take their new little buddy on some nature hikes, & on a few site seeing tours too.
Nothing puts Caspian to sleep like a good nature walk and having the wild animals come up and say hello.
Life is just so tiring at this ripe old age of 7 weeks old
Holidays such as Thanksgiving with his Auntie Bobby, or his first Halloween is no problem for Caspian to find the time to take a quick siesta.
Taking Caspian into a building full of insects and having them fly all around him and even land on him, with all the colours of the rainbow, surrounding him with constant movement, was nothing for Caspian to find the perfect opportunity to have just a few minutes to pass out.
And of course my Favourite to date,
why would I be shocked that our beautiful boy would sleep almost right through an entire holiday of being by one of the great natural wonders of the world at 8weeks old?

I mean everyone needs their beauty rest don’t they? Lol I Can’t wait to see the sleeping Photos this Christmas.

If you want to know when to expect to see your child active, eyes open, wide awake, and full of beans? You’ll have to look at times of day between 1 – and 5AM

1Am after sleeping right through Halloween
I think this was just after a 3AM feeding.
4:30 AM just getting ready to sleep for the day

2 responses to “Our Baby Sleeps Through Everything “The First 8 Week Sleep-fest””

  1. I love reading these! You are so hillariously funny! You need to write a book!! Lol! You guys rock, but Caspian although sleeping soundly, steals the show! You are both so truly blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laura. You have always made me feel so good about what I am doing in my life no matter what it’s been. You are such a breath of fresh air.


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