My Top 4 Hiking Trails Around The KFL&A Area.

Over the past several years I’ve taken to spending some time on some hiking trails in the area. There are a few trails that I tend to frequent.

Although I enjoy many hiking trails throughout The KFL&A regions there are a few that stick out that are great for getting a little exercise and are stroller friendly. So here are my top 4 picks.

Because our son was only 6 weeks old when I wrote this blog post, and he couldn’t really hold his head up for any extended periods of time, There is pretty much only 1 stipulation I have when thinking of going on walks with our baby these days. (Is the trail stroller friendly)?

In another month or 2, I will be able to consider other options as Our son will be able to be in a back pack carrier but by that time winter will have set in and I’ll be thinking of other options rather than taking to the trails.


This first option I personally choose on a fairly regular basis, it’s the Cataraqui Trail. I mainly choose this trail out of pure convenience. We can literally get onto a part of this trail within a minute of walking out the front door to our home.

This trail is great for several reasons. It is an old railway trail that stretches from Camden East Ontario, 104km all the way to Ottawa, with many side trails branching off of it as well. It is railway grade which interprets into (flat terrain) perfect to be off the road, and it is stroller friendly for the most part. You can be on this trail for as long, or as little time as you wish, making this trail one of my favourite, go to trails in the area.

So that brings me to my next favourite hiking trail. This one is right on the edge of Kingston and just about perfect for strollers.


Leomoine Point Consevation Area

Lamoine Point is almost smoother than the Cataraqui Trail, except for a few side trails and a couple tree stumps to navigate around. It is a much shorter distance to hike, totalling a combined distance of only 11km to hike all the trails. This trail is picturesque and features, woodlands, marshes, open fields, and waterfront to Lake Ontario.

Infact this trail would be great for all ages. I always see families and children of all ages on this trail.

The area has so much to see along the way. You can feed the friendly squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys, and even the other wild birds will fly right into your hands in hopes you have a yummy treat for them.

I love early morning hikes here because that is when I see most of the wildlife that the park has to offer. Although on our last hike, it was mid afternoon and we saw so much wildlife it was a bit surreal.

It’s not the wildlife you have to be afraid of tho, it’s the park zombies lol

If you go on a hot summer day, then bring your swimmers as you can walk off the beaches and go for a swim to cool off. Although, maybe at this time of year? not so much lol.

Weather you live in the Kingston area or not this is a great little gem to discover.


My 3rd trail of choice is the

Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve

Although this trail can be used with a stroller, this trail is probably better once your child is a bit bigger. (5 months or older)

This trail is wet in areas and can have some ruts in the pathway than can be tricky to navigate with a stroller. It is a short trail, approximately 5km in total (to end of trail, and back), that can be completed in about an hour to hour and a half with a beautiful lake at the end of it.

You will pass over a couple long boardwalks overlooking some spectacular marshes. If you go to this location just remember to wear your hiking boots.

This trail is usually very quiet in the early spring or fall. I have been many times where I’ve never seen another person while I’ve been there. summertime is another story tho.


So the 4th and last Trail I’m going to talk about in this blog is the

Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.

Although there are so many other great trails in the surrounding areas and even other great ones that are stroller friendly, these 4 were my personal top 4 choices.

This little trail is again stroller friendly. It’s best to go here in the spring just when the maple trees are being tapped for its famous Canadian maple syrup.

This trail has a great surprise at the end of it. Sit down at the Sugar shack and have breakfast pancakes served with? Yup you guessed it. Freshly made Maple syrup.

There is a fee to enter this trail but for a nice family outing with a great Canadian breakfast in the woods, makes it well worth it. You can bet we will be hitting up this one next spring with Caspian.

If you have some of your favourite trails that are stroller friendly, I’d love to see or hear about them in the comments below.


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