My Top 3 Local, Family, Breakfast Spots Around KFL&A

HI everyone.

I wanted to give a little insight on some of the local restaurants that Erin and I really enjoy on a regular basis. From local mom and pop shops, and greasy spoon type places to some of the higher end spots we’ve tried.

Ok so I’m going to start off by saying, all of the places I’m going to mention are child, and family friendly restaurants.

Erin and I do love our breakfast spots , and so I’ll share our top 3 favourites around the area.

Lighthouse Restaurant Breakfast

Picton Ontario, and probably my Favourite spot in PEC. (Prince Edward County) and probably my favourite over all other breakfast spots come to think of it, is, The Picton Harbour INN, and Lighthouse Restaurant.

Picton Harbour Inn

This Restaurant has been fully renovated over the past few years since the new owners took it over 7or 8 years ago. (I think) It’s tasteful, nautical themed dining room is what first drew me into the place many years ago, and it’s friendly staff, owners, and incredible food which is purchased from locally grown products, as much as possible (I believe), is what keeps me going back.

If you are ever in that area, believe me when I tell you, it’s worth giving it a try, the food is delicious and if your lucky enough to have Tiffany as your server, then say hello from Erin, Caspian, and I.

Tiffany and I

During the summer months, you can enjoy your meal at one of the tables overlooking the Marina out back.

You can expect that the average cost for breakfast will be between $8 and $14.

Here is a link to their website

I would highly recommend all the places on lis blog but this one is our number 1 spot.

So this next place is in Napanee. Tammy’s restaurant. Located on Dundas street East close to the Napanee Hospital and across from the Motor Fox INN .

A Tammys Breakfast

This little dated, greasy spoon is the perfect little breakfast spot. Although it may be difficult to mess up bacon and eggs, (& I have seen it done before lol), but this little spot gets them right every time.

The food is decent, and for the cost it’s excellent. This restaurant has a change table for your little one located just outside their washrooms, and it has 1 high chair as well. Lol

The staff has always been friendly and I love it when a place remembers your regular order, even if you haven’t been there in a long time. Lol I’m always impressed when I go there and they just ask if I want my usual lol.

Breakfast starts as low as $6 to $10 at Tammy”s. Here is a link to their Facebook page

So another favourite is in Kingston Ontario.

Another little greasy Spoon kind of place


Another place I personally have been going to for about 8 years now. this spot is right down at the foot of Princess Street and Ontario Street, near the water, and across from Milestones Restaurant.

Again the staff here are lovely. The food is, well? Ok, To be honest. I have definitely had to send back a plate to be perfectly honest, but I’ve never had a bad breakfast. This place is a bit dated as well, sort of like Tammys. But still worth going for a breakfast on a budget in the city lol

Although I’m not sure what amenities this restaurant has for children, when Erin and I were there just a few days ago the staff were great and super friendly and made sure we had everything we needed for our little Caspian.

A Peters Place Breakfast

Breakfast here will run you anywhere from $10 to $18 after tax and tip

Here is a link to there website

Hope you enjoy these recommendations if you give them a try let me know what you think?

If you have any great breakfast spots we’d love to hear what they are and even give them a try ourselves?


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