Funny Newborn Traits

A few funny traits of newborns I personally had forgotten about since my first 2 boys were born just about 20 years ago.

The first one is that when babies are first born they sleep through just about anything and everything. It doesn’t seem to matter the situation your in, a baby will sleep right through it all. Except of course…. When you or your partner actually want to be sleeping yourself, then of course, that is the time baby is wide awake.

I remember, My eldest son Joseph, when he was only 1 month old, my ex and I took him to a Santa clause parade in Niagara On The Lake. As a Fire truck passed by our position, Joseph was sound asleep, they decided to blast their trucks horn and sirens as they were directly beside us.

As It happend I looked down at my son worried about weather or not he would awake & be frightened of the noise? I figured for sure the sound would have woken him up at the very least as it should have woken the dead LOL. Alas the sound was no match for a sleeping baby. Joseph never even flinched. Infact his mother and I got extremely concerned about how the sound did absolutely nothing. The very next day we decided to book him into all kinds of hearing tests because we were afraid he might be deaf. Turns out he had nothing wrong with his ears and he was just simply tired. Lol

Oldest son Joseph taking Caspian for a walk

Swollen Genitalia.

When a baby boy is born he has a lot of the mothers estrogen. This in turn enlarges a baby boys testicles and usually the father stands proud beside him winking to the nurses saying “YUP, that’s definitely my boy” in a lame attempt as a joke. But A new father can’t help but be a bit concerned at the size of a newborns boys testicles. I’m sure the doctors and nurses are sick of fathers asking if it’s normal to be that size. (Lol)

Cross eyed

Almost all babies are born cross eyed, if they are not then they may vary well have a lazy or lazy eyes wondering off in all directions. This is normal until approximately age 8 weeks. At 8 weeks old you will notice a huge difference in your child.

Your baby will begin to interact with their parents much better. Looking at their faces and not looking off into space as if you do not exist.

Eye Colour

Also the colour of your babies eyes. My partner is convinced our baby will have blue eyes because they have not changed much since birth. They are a brilliant light blue at the moment.

I have a bluish greenish eye colour, and my partner has a very dark brown. I know your baby’s eyes can change drastically up until age 1 and can even change for up to a couple years after birth for some children. So I’m not holding my breath on our sons eye colour at the moment, or at least until 9 months. At that time you can be pretty sure of the colour. Only slight changes may occur after that point.

You can’t really tell Caspian’s eye colour in this photo, at this point even though the picture looks like he has brown eyes, he in fact has a very dark blue colour here.

Jerky movements

If you’ve ever seen a newborn move then you know what I’m talking about here. Its a bit hard to explain but Picture having a dream of falling. Then, just before you hit the ground you wake up and do some weird twitch at the same time. Babies make those movements all the time. While they are awake or sleeping they are doing the twitch.

Sleep Eating.

If your baby is breast fed then you are going to get to witness the sleep Eating. This can happen any time really but when your baby has had enough to eat and is literally milk drunk, once baby is asleep they will sleep eat. This is when baby continues to suck at nothing while they are in a complete state of comfort and relaxation after a good feed. It’s more of a comfort thing I think.

Getting Mad With An Empty Breast.

If babies aren’t quite finished nursing it can be quite funny to watch as they start getting very angry and quite agitated with mommas breast, hitting and grabbing at the nipple and if your lucky they will start grunting in displeasure. That’s when you know it’s time to change sides or get some extra supply out of the freezer. This can be very entertaining for dad to watch.


A baby after feeding can imitate and replicate or look exactly the same as??? Let me see if I can explain this. If you can remember?, way back, when you were a teenager on the bar scene, For some of us it may have been this past weekend (LOL)

Can you remember it? If not then it was probably a great night out. Well if you can remember what it felt like to have a great night and have a few to many drinks, you may know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway that exact feeling just before you started to feel (not so good)? Is, (from what I can remember), usually that point of the night when you go from feeling invincible and nothing could ever bring you down, to that feeling of absolute helplessness. Well there is a point right between those two feelings where life just seems to stop and there is nothing wrong in the world. This moment usually happens between one sip of that drink to the next. It’s a brief moment but it’s the best feeling in the world.

That feeling is exactly how your baby looks when he’s had a bit more than enough to eat, and just before he passes out for a nap. His or her eyes will be glossed over, their body goes limp, they simply cannot hold even their head in an upright position, even when supported, and a smile on their face that you know they are just so content at that very moment.

Smiling and socializing

At around the 6 to 8 week mark. You are going to notice a huge change in your child’s behaviour. Social smiling is when your baby starts smiling because they are starting to recognize you, or they find something your doing amusing. That’s right, they are actually engaging with you by this point.


I’ve left the best to last.

Explosions are simply par for the course. You’ll never quite know when to expect it or which end to expect an explosion from, or what colour it will be, or even its duration. You see babies are just full of surprises. Quite literally.

Babies don’t always explode because they are sick. Sometimes they explode simply because they stuff too much into their little bodies creating gastric pressures of extreme & epic proportions, resulting in projectiles, explosions, and parents diving across a room and taking cover.

…Warning Warning Warning…

Do not watch this video if you have a weak stomach however, I chose a video of explosions from the upper regions lol

Baby vomiting

Hope you enjoy my blogs like and or leave a comment in the space below if you do. Cheers


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