What to do this winter with a newborn

As Caspian turns 3 months old we are now entering into the winter months of the 2021/2022 season. It can be difficult trying to find things to do with your newborn. He is too young to do many of the activities that my partner and I would normally be doing this time of year. However there are still so many things we have found to be fun activities with having a new born.

Skiing. (Cross country that is). Even before Caspian was born, Erin and I took up cross country skiing as a hobby. Last Christmas (2020) we had decided our gift to one another was going to be new X-country skis. During Covid when many manufacturers world wide were forced to shut down. It proved extremely difficult to purchase any new outdoor sports gear at all. However Erin and I were lucky enough to head over to Sepps Snowboarding & Ski shop in Kingston and managed to find 2 of their last pairs available in our sizes. I mean talk about lucky.


There are really 2 ways to travel with a newborn while skiing,

1st is in a back pack carrier. A great option, If , you are a great and confident skier, which I’m not.

Pic taken from internet

And 2nd, A sled, light weight, that you tow behind you. At least until the next few seasons where your little bundle might be on his/her own skis.

Anyway we are really loving getting out this year with Caspian on our local trails one of our favourite trails to head out on this winter wiLl be the Little Cataraqui Creek check out the website for their details


Another great winter activity we have started, is swimming with newborns. Obviously with Erin and I being so nautical during much of the year, we figured we’d better get junior used to the water ASAP so we found that there are programs designed specifically to get your newborn used to the water at a very early age. If your like us then I would highly suggest checking out the parent and Tot warm water swim, at Artillery Park Aquatic Centre or at following link



Although our little Caspian is too small to be walking yet, I am finding going to the Market Square public Rink in Kingston for a short skate provides much needed fresh air and great stimulation for Caspian. Plus heading to one of so many shops afterwards for a hot chocolate is going to be a bonus, or better yet I highly recommend going to coco cabana less than a block away from Market Square in downtown Kingston, for your choice of just about anything chocolate my favourite is double chocolate hot chocolate,

and the fruit platter chocolate dip. OMG so good.

You can check them out here



Well who doesn’t remember tobogganing as a kid? So with a child as young as Caspian only 3 to 4 months now. We are limited to the smaller hills in the area, I would only feel comfortable taking him on straight flat land and pull him on his sled or find very short shallow hills that we barely move on and we go together. The smiles and the laughing we get from our little boy is so worth it.

Visits with family?

Well of course.

Always a fun time taking our son to his Nona’s & Rob’s house lol. Family outings are a great way to get out of our own house and do something fun without breaking the bank. Also, regular visits with family members strengthens the bond between your newborn, and your family.

Auntie Em meets Caspian for the first time.

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