About me

About me

Hi everyone, my name Is James Mathias.

I am a dad of 21 years to date. I have 3 boys, 2 with a previous marriage, and a brand new baby boy as of September 2021.

I am a long time Mariner, outdoor enthusiast, fisherman, and blogger.

The reason for me creating this blog site is because, recently My partner and I decided to expand our family, and although I have been a dad for the past 2 decades, it had been a new experience, becoming a father in my 40’s.

An exciting time for sure. I have a great relationship with my other 2 sons and they have been the highlight of my life’s adventures.

This blog is intended to share my personal thoughts, ideas, and reviews on fatherhood, and adventures I have as a new father once again. At least over the first few years, as the newest member of my family goes from newborn to toddler.

I plan on sharing the good experiences and the struggles I face, as I try to navigate my way theough parenting once again as an (older dad).

I encourage anyone that reads my posts, to engage with comment, and add suggestions of their own, but please remember to keep it clean or I may not display your comments.

Everyone makes mistakes as I know I have over my life so I do not judge others, so try to be respectful in any comments you may have.

I hope you enjoy the content of my blog.


Although I do have 21 years of experience being a father, parent, and partner. I do not claim any expertise in these areas. I have been in a relationship for almost 20 years which then failed. However I have learned extensively over the years, and hope to put the knowledge I’ve gained as a dad into these posts in order to provide a little insite to anyone going through similar circumstances as I have gone through or will go through.

What You Do

Besides being a full time dad, I work full time with, The Ministry Of Transportation Of Ontario, on a passenger Ferry boat, in Southern Ontario.