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  • Outdoors adventures
    Happy New Years everyone. Erin, Caspian, and I have had a very busy Christmas holiday season visiting just a couple family members with our new bundle of joy. With the […]
    CAPTAIN JAMES MATHIAS. Born March 24, 1977. Although I grew up in Toronto I had decided to leave the city at a young age. It took many failed attempts over […]
  • Day 1 To 1 Year Milestones & What To Expect.
    During our family trip early November 2021 to Niagara Falls Ontario. I really took in all the sounds and movements my son was making and it became a real bonding […]
  • What to do this winter with a newborn
    As Caspian turns 3 months old we are now entering into the winter months of the 2021/2022 season. It can be difficult trying to find things to do with your […]
  • Funny Newborn Traits
    A few funny traits of newborns I personally had forgotten about since my first 2 boys were born just about 20 years ago. The first one is that when babies […]
  • My Top 3 Local, Family, Breakfast Spots Around KFL&A
    HI everyone. I wanted to give a little insight on some of the local restaurants that Erin and I really enjoy on a regular basis. From local mom and pop […]